2010 Fattoria Paradiso Sangiovese Riserva “Vigna Delle Lepri”

This wine, created by Mario Pezzi in the early 1970’s, is the first Reserve wine made with Sangiovese grape from the legendary cru “Vigna delle Lepri” in Romagna, an event referred to by the Italian media as “La Pasqua Del Sangiovese” (the Easter of Sangiovese.)

Tasting Notes: Intense and robust wine with sweet and fruity tannins that recall the cherry in alcohol and the ripe strawberry. It is ample in secondary aromas of violent, leather and sweet pipe tobacco.

Secondo Piatto:

Corden Bleu Di Pollo All’Emiliana
Breaded chicken scaloppine filled with ham, Fontina cheese and spinach in lite demi glace with mushrooms

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