Region of the Month: Umbria


2012 Rocca Di Fabbri
Montefalco Sargrantino


Varietal: 100% Sagrantino

Montefalco Sagrantino is a red wine from Umbria, typically powerful and with great depth of flavor. The native black grape Sagrantino, grown around the town of Montefalco, is used to make these wines in dry (secco) and sweet styles. Required to be at least 95% Sagrantino, the wines must be aged for 30 months; spending at least 12 of those months in oak barrels.

TASTING NOTES: Carefully selected grapes are subjected to a long maceration process to produce this wine which offers an extremely unique bouquet with hints of spices. Extremely rich and rounded by the extended maceration process in oak, it has a splendidly full body that makes it an ideal accompaniment for roasts and extra-mature hard cheeses, the rich dishes of the hunting tradition.

Secondo Piatto

Tagliolini Alla Umbra

Tagliolini pasta with assorted mushrooms and strips of veal in a light brandy cream sauce drizzled with white truffle oil

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