Secondi Piatti - Entrées

Filetto Di Vitello Alla Casalinga

Dinner: 34.00, Lunch: 31.00

filet of veal topped with provolone cheese and Parma prosciutto in onion-shiitake mushroom sauce 

Trippa Alla Marinara

Dinner: 31.75, Lunch: 29.75

tripe prepared in a marinara sauce

Fegatini Di Pollo Al Marsala

Dinner: 24.50, Lunch: 22.50

chicken livers sautéed with onions and mushrooms in marsala wine sauce

Pollo Alla Giotto

Dinner: 26.50, Lunch: 24.50

chunks of chicken with sweet sausage and sliced potatoes in rosemary-lemon-white-wine sauce

Filetto Di Branzino Al Postino

Dinner: 42.00, Lunch: 39.00

grilled fillet of sea bass topped with diced avocado, red onions and cherry tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

Filetti Di Sogliola Alla Fiorentina

Dinner: 34.50, Lunch: 31.50

egg dipped filet of sole sautéed in white wine and lemon served over sautéed spinach 

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